Behind the Scenes
Don't Leave Your Colleagues in the Dark

The Behind the Scenes Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization established in early 2005 to create and support charitable programs for the entertainment technology industry. Behind the Scenes audited financial statements and 990 tax returns are available upon request. See who is on our Board of Directors.

Vision Statement
Entertainment technology professionals deserve support during times of need due to serious illness or injury. The Behind the Scenes charity provides that safety net.

Mission Statement
The Behind the Scenes charity issues grants to entertainment technology professionals in need due to serious illness or injury that may be used for basic living, medical or funeral expenses. It works closely with related industry charities and social service organizations to assist clients to the fullest extent possible. The Foundation raises funds through events, programs and donations. The Foundation further encourages the entertainment industry to create their own events and programs in support of their charity.


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A 501(c)3 charity