The Behind the Scenes Counseling Fund

The Behind the Scenes Counseling Fund is designed to provide early access to mental health and addiction counseling for entertainment technology professionals by assisting with the associated financial burdens. For individuals seeking to initiate or support ongoing counseling, the funds will be issued as a subsidy on a per visit basis giving the grant recipient the flexibility to change providers if they find their initial choice isn’t working well for them and, most importantly, encouraging a longer-term client/therapist relationship. Funds will also be available to individuals entering an in-patient or intensive out-patient recovery program or those experiencing an emergency in-patient mental health event.

Contributions to Behind the Scenes are tax deductible.

Contributor Levels

  • Production meeting - Up to $99
  • Load in - $100
  • Cue to cue - $500
  • Tech rehearsal - $1,000
  • Dress rehearsal - $2,500
  • Preview - $5,000
  • Opening night - $10,000
  • Gala - $50,000

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