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  • All the Long Reach Long Riders
  • Paul (Acme) Ackerman
  • Joe (Poppa Joe) and Sherry (Lightnin) Aldridge
  • Lesley (Dusty) Boeckman
  • Moe (Pipes) Conn and Kacey (Dragonfly) Coffin
  • Jonathan (JD) Deull
  • Cris (Brooklyn) Dopher and April (Rookie) Hanson
  • Rob (Squeaky) Eastman-Mullins
  • Bill (Coach) and Jocelyn (Jersey Girl) Ellis
  • John (JF) Farr
  • Sam (Metabot) and Carly (Wings) Fisher
  • Ryan (Hack-n-Slash) Hales and Cat (BoDiesel) Booth
  • TJ (Mad-eye) Hansen
  • Mark (Hobnail) and Alison (Earth Girl) Heiser
  • Scott (Hop Along) Henkels
  • Darrol (Pepper) and Sarah (Salt) Kelly
  • Jon (Snoopy) Kirchhofer
  • Adam (Spud) Maxfield
  • Ramona Mayer
  • Bill (Stretch) Meyer
  • Scott (Shifty) Miller
  • Jean Marc (Musketeer) Montmejat
  • Jim (Con Man) Neisel
  • Darwin (The Doctor) Patrone and Jocelyn (Souffle Girl) Vogel
  • Eddie (Buckwheat) and Diana (Frisco Girl) Raymond
  • Paul (Rev) and Peggy (Clutch) Sannerud
  • Bill (Uncle Bill) Sapsis
  • Loren (Grits) Schreiber
  • Sheryl (Mom) Sturges
  • Ken (The Fireman) Tilson
  • Patrick (PWall) Wallace and Christina (Suga' Lips) Smith
  • Drew (Strong Bad) Wending
  • Greg (Chrome) Williams and Alice (Sweet Tea) Neff
  • Matt (Superfly) Williams

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